22nd July: Why Digital Transformation doesn’t have to break the bank!

Posted by Kristina King 26.05.21

Date: 22nd July

Time: 2.30pm – 4.00pm

Digital technology continues to transform the financial landscape, but is your organisation keeping up with the trend of Digital Transformation? 

There is no doubt the term “digital transformation” has been bandied about your boardroom, but what does this really mean in practice? 

Cloud adoption and decommissioning legacy platforms are top of the agenda as part of this. 

But the reality is that many organisations are fearful of migrating to the cloud and letting go of legacy. Either because it feels too large a project, or they don’t have a clear picture of what data they hold and are worried about the potential data risk they might bring with them. 

Join us on 24th June at 2.30pm – 4.00pm for our webinar on ‘Why Digital Transformation doesn’t have to break the bank’ where we will talk about how risk scoring will not only help you turn that big project into focused bitesize chunks, but will also enable you to visualise and mitigate any potential risk within your data.  

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