Regulatory Risk, Under Control

Regulatory compliance requires firms to have control of their unstructured data. Firms need to understand the information that they hold, have visibility of the potential risk contained within it, be able to apply controls to manage threats, and demonstrate compliance over time.

Understanding your Unstructured Data

hivera provides a single point of view of a complex data estate enabling complete knowledge of what data a firm is holding, where it is and whether it is compliant with regulations.

Sleep at night knowing you are in control of your data

Securing Personal Data

hivera discovers and protects personal data by efficiently mapping it to information governance policies and regulatory requirements.

Take control of GDPR compliance in unstructured data and be an industry leader

Data Management and Control

hivera identifies high data risk points and automates the application of classifications and policies to mitigate risk and ensure ongoing control.

Reduce your attack surfaces and minimise exposure to cyber crime

Real time risk score

hivera provides a unique, real time, risk score over your unstructured data. Reporting and demonstrating control and regulatory compliance of your unstructured data estate.

Evidence your improving risk control to internal and external stakeholders

Your journey to quantifiable regulatory compliance starts with hivera

At hivera our industry experts understand the regulatory requirements faced by your firm, coupled with this, our platform provides unparalleled insights into your data. Using a unique combination of system, metadata, and content analysis alongside regulatory mapping functionality, it provides a quantifiable measure of regulatory compliance.

Take the first step on your journey today with our FREE risk score calculator. Answer our 5 minute questionnaire and based on industry knowledge and system insights we will provide you with an indicative score.

Risk Score Calculator

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