Get a real-time risk score for your unstructured data

hivera’s intelligence risk scoring solution empowers organisations to take control of their unstructured data. Enabling firms to quantify risk, use insight to put in place controls to mitigate it, monitor it in real-time, and report on it over time.

Why do I need a risk score?

Quantifying risk for a firm is critically important when assessing the threats, operational challenges and complexities of the regulatory obligations we face daily. Only when we can quantify it can we proactively manage the risk, put in place measures to remove unnecessary risk and track progress over time.

How is my risk score calculated?

hivera analyses your unstructured data at three levels. Using a unique combination of metadata and content analysis and regulatory mapping functionality, coupled with our industry experience it delivers unparalleled insight into your data.

Level 1: System Insights

Taking a top-down view of the systems where your data is stored provides the first level of insight. Measuring the spread of platforms used (across your cloud and on-premise infrastructure) and for each system assessing the level of protection, functionality, security and overall platform risk.

Level 2: Metadata Insights

Metadata analysis provides a high-level picture of your unstructured data estate and its current make-up.

When mapped against organisational requirements you will gain instant insight into data which is over or under retained, redundant, or unsecured.

Level 3: Content Insights

Content level analysis uses advanced pattern matching and machine learning functionality to specifically look for high risk within your unstructured data.

Key Risk Indicators within hivera can be tailored to your business, along with the extensive default capability included for numerous patterns including many of the more familiar ones such as the identification of credit card numbers, personal and sensitive data.

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