hivera announced as platinum sponsor at RegTech Summit Virtual

Posted by Kristina King 03.06.21

It’s been announced that hivera, the regulatory risk scoring RegTech platform for unstructured data, is to sponsor the upcoming RegTech Summit Virtual. 

We all learnt about the Richter Scale at school. It was an uncomplicated thing to get your head around as it was no more than one number to tell the size of earthquakes. The bigger the number, the more powerful the quake with massive damage. And likewise, the smaller the number, the more minor the effect and subsequent cleanup. It was easy for us to understand because it was simple, it was visual, it made sense. What if the same could be said for understanding your complex compliance risk? 

Taking place on 16th and 17th June, the Summit will bring together the global RegTech community to explore the current regulatory landscape and how adopting RegTech can manage risk and compliance in today’s digital and cloud-based operating environment.  

Our CEO, Simon Cole, is speaking on Day 2 [17th June] in a one-on-one fireside chat with host Sarah Underwood in a session entitled, “Can risk scoring become a Richter Scale for compliance?” 

In this he’ll address: 

  • Why identifying risk is no longer enough; the rising need for risk quantification 
  • Using risk scoring to focus resource and attention in the right areas of your business 
  • Managing risk is more than just compliance, it’s unlocking the value in your data 

Simon will cover the benefits of scoring risk including the ability to see the extent of your organisation’s non-financial risk in real-time, and over time, as well as the ability to benchmark against industry standards. 

He’ll also address how organisations can use it to demonstrate, both internally and externally, that the risks are being controlled, and touch on the potentially disastrous effects of failure to quantify risk…much like a rising earthquake magnitude.  

Want to know more about your simple, visual, easy to understand Richter Scale of Compliance? Sign up for the RegTech Summit Virtual and hear our session at 15.05 BST/10.05 ET.  The event is free for qualifying financial institutions. 

You can also let us know what you would like Simon to cover in his Q&A by emailing