Regulatory Risk,
Under Control

Bring visibility to the regulatory risk in your unstructured data.
Automate your information governance strategy to regulatory standards.
Demonstrate quantifiable regulatory compliance to auditors.

Data Analysis and Insights

hivera provides unparalleled visibility into unlimited volumes of unstructured data at pace, enabling real-time insight and understanding against the standards and regulations that firms are required to comply with.

Regulatory Compliance

hivera provides a real-time regulatory risk score for your unstructured data, scoring data against regulatory requirements using our unique analysis methodology and mitigating it with the application of compliance policies to reduce and remove risk.

Data Privacy and Protection

hivera automates the security controls around your unstructured data, identifying data in breach of your information governance strategy, and reporting and automating the application of data classifications.


Reduce your risk score with our industry-leading data management platform

  • Real-time regulatory Risk Score
  • Interactive regulatory compliance dashboard
  • Enterprise-wide unstructured data discovery
  • Identification of high-risk personal data
  • Remediation of low value data
  • Automated data governance policies
  • In-depth control and reporting

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